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Sorry, you cannot reserve seats when your event is in draft mode. Sorry, your billing address was not saved properly, please try again. Sorry, we experienced an internal error, please try again. A number of Paykan enthusiasts, most of them from the younger generation, are being interviewed about their very special relationship with the car they grew up with. The film also documents the decline of the Paykan, while showing how it is still very much alive in the culture and memory of the country.

Interviews are also conducted with artists who use Paykan as a medium or the subject of their art. Shahin Armin is an automotive design-engineer and a lifelong Paykan expert. In 2009 he started thePaykanHunter. Sohrab Daryabandari is a Tehran based professional photographer and filmmaker whose 25 year-long career has been stretching between almost all areas of expertise in analog and digital photography. Iran's Payday loans no credit check owes him its remarkable photography, the minute treatment of archive material, and its overall filmmaking and editing quality, considering the conditions of production and the limited resources.

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S Bahrami Babaheydari, S Dorafshan, F Paykan Heyrati. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology 16, 1565-1574, 20147Vitellogenin expression in wild cyprinid Petroleuciscus esfahani as a biomarker of endocrine disruption along the Zayandeh Roud River, IranN Gilannejad, S Dorafshan, FP Heyrati, NM Soofiani, S Asadollah. Chemosphere 144, 1342-1350, 20165Effect of dietary wood betony, Stachys lavandulifolia extract on growth performance, haematological and biochemical parameters of Common carp, Cyprinus carpioS Bahrami Babaheydari, F Paykan Heyrati, S Dorafshan.

Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences 14 (4), 805-817, 20154Immune responses and intestinal morphology of striped catfish, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus (Sauvage, online loans 1878), fed dietary nucleotidesM Yaghobi, S Dorafshan, M Akhlaghi, F Paykan Heyrati, N MahmoudiJournal of Applied Ichthyology 31 (1), 83-87, 20154Effect of GnRHa injection on milt volume in recently stripped rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykissFP Heyrati, BM Amiri, S DorafshanAquaculture research 41 (10), 20104Intestinal microbiota of striped catfish, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus (Sauvage, 1878) fed on dietary nucleotideM YAGHOBI, FP HEYRATI, M AKHLAGHI, S DORAFSHAN.

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